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Bobbi Carpino Photography

Prince George, BC

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Meet Bobbi Carpino

Bobbi Carpino is the owner of Bobbi Carpino Photography

Bobbi Carpino began her professional life as a Probation Officer, but gradually started to feel as though her job was robbing her of her energy and passion for life. In an effort to restore a sense of joy and self to her life, she began to take photography courses. Her new found hobby soon developed into a business as more and more friends and family began asking her to take portraits and photos of their life events. When Bobbi had her first child, it became clear to her that she needed to leave her job and pursue a different career path, and with that, Bobbi Carpino Photography was born.

As an entrepreneur, Bobbi is experiencing more fulfillment in her work, a sign that she made the right decision in her life. “There is so much satisfaction starting a business that I knew very little about at the time and seeing it grow into something fabulous. I have met some of the most incredible people who have brought me into their lives and I am so grateful for them being a huge part of my success,” Bobbi states. The ability to be creative and to be a part of people’s most special moments is something that Bobbi is grateful for every day. “I want my business to be an extension of who I am and for my staff to share in my values and vision. My brand is about being real and putting those who are in front of my camera at ease enough to look their best by just being themselves.”

Bobbi was born and raised in Prince George and she has many fond memories of old Prince George’s vibrant downtown scene. Now as a business owner she is thrilled to be a part of that atmosphere. “There were so many unique products and services and business owners that care,” Bobbi says. “I love that our studio is downtown and I am honoured to be a part of a wonderful community of business owners and to be more accessible to my clients. I am grateful for the strong relationships I have built with my clients and capturing their families as they grow.” Prince George has so many more wonderful things going for besides its fabulous downtown, adds Bobbi. “It is a wonderful community to raise my family. I love that I can drive anywhere in town in 15 minutes or less. I love that I can run into people I know and exchange a smile or hi.” Best of all, though, are its people. “People care about their community and what is happening. There are so many compassionate and giving people who will lend a hand and be there for their neighbours here in Prince George.”

Creative. Engaging. Compassionate.

Bobbi Carpino Photography studio specializes in child, family and wedding photography. She creates beautiful and timeless imagery by capturing the true essence of her clients. Bobbi Carpino Photography creates a fun and relaxed environment for your family or child portrait session, putting you at ease and allowing you to look your best by just being yourself. Bobbi Carpino Photography has a gorgeous selection of quality products to showcase the images from your session that will last for generations to come.

Each year Bobbi Carpino Photography captures couples saying “I do” and promising their forevers to each other. Bobbi Carpino Photography loves getting to know couples and the vision they have for their wedding day. Your images will not only speak to how beautiful your day was but also how it felt to be there.

Bobbi Carpino Photography is a member of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Photographers of Canada and the Professional Photographers of America. Bobbi Carpino has been the recipient of several awards, including 2012/2013 Best of Prince George for Photographer (PG Free Press), the PPOC BC Best Portrait of a Woman 2013
the PPOC BC Best Child Portrait 2014 and PPOC BC Photographer of the Year Finalist for 2014.

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