Plateau Clothing Company in Downtown Prince George

Plateau Clothing Company

1289 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC

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  • Wide selection of designer fashions
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  • Casual and professional wear

Meet Jody Sigurdson

Jody Sigurdson is the owner of Plateau Clothing Company

Jody Sigurdson worked a variety of jobs in her early career life. It was after she had worked in an office job for awhile that she came to realize she wasn’t cut out for sitting at a desk all day long. Looking back, she saw that some of her best work experiences had been those that had brought her into close contact with different people on a regular basis, like working in a retail environment. Jody took this as a sign and when the opportunity arose, she went into the retail business of Plateau Clothing Company, expanding its product lines and moved it to a bigger location. Jody has a gift for figuring out a particular customer’s tastes and individual fashion sense, which comes in handy in her line of work. She relishes the challenge of helping someone put together an outfit or wardrobe that not just fits, but makes the person feel good about themselves.

Making the move to business ownership proved to be a positive one for Jody. Being a business owner comes with lots of hard work, but it also comes with rewards, like being able to make business decisions and take risks and then see those risks pay off. Being her own boss also means that she gets to bring her four-legged best friend Spencer to work with her every day. (She even admits that some of her customers stop in just to say hello to him.)

Jody believes that downtown Prince George is experiencing a new sense of excitement and vibrancy that she is excited to be a part of. It is beginning to shed its old image, and Jody points out that people are making extra efforts to spend money locally. Many of Jody’s regulars are professionals who work in the downtown area and they are eager to support their fellow downtown businesses. Jody’s sales have grown steadily and she feels that the future is bright as long as businesses continue to work together in partnership with one another to make the downtown area a dynamic place to be.

Classy. Trendy. Unique.

Get the latest in coveted and trendy casual and professional wear for women at Plateau Clothing Company. Guests will find a wide selection of clothing items including designer jeans, jeggings, leggings, shirts and tees, sweaters, dresses and outerwear, plus fabulous, gotta-have accessories like scarves, socks, toques and more. Plateau Clothing Company carries all of the hottest brands and designers, with names like Buffalo, Foxy Jeans, Mexx, Sakura, Desigual and Lady Dutch. The wardrobe pros at Plateau Clothing have an eye for fashion and are committed to helping women of all ages find clothes that look amazing and fit your lifestyle. Get the look you want and a fit that works. “Like” the Plateau Clothing Company Facebook page and be the first to know about sales and deals that are exclusive to Facebook friends.

Contact + Hours

250-640-3366 Mobile
  • Monday to Friday
  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday
  • 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


  • 1289 3rd Ave
  • Prince George, BC
  • V2L 3E6, Canada

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